Sustainability earth with trees growing from it


We are in the midst of a global climate crisis. This is no longer a debatable topic, it is fact and we are experiencing the effects of global warming in our daily lives across the globe. Now is the time for action, no more "blah blah blah..."

“…the one thing we need more than hope is action, once we start to act hope is everywhere” (Greta Thunberg, Tedx 2018).

The Pangaea Team is absolutely passionate about sustainability and the future of our world. We are taking action by operating under a sustainability framework and implementing circular economy systems. We aim to reach a zero carbon footprint by 2024. We are aligning our festival operations and practices with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals towards achieving a sustainable future for all. We have developed a Theory of Change to guide us in our vision and mission. We are always seeking more education and understanding on the fundamentals of sustainability, with some of our team currently studying at University in the field of Sustainability.

Pangea’s Theory of Change

“If we share knowledge by collaborating, learning, encouraging inclusivity and embracing Indigenous cultures, we will lead by example to help to mainstream sustainability”

Pangaea Festival is a vessel for community connectedness through celebration and knowledge sharing in a social environment. We believe social learning is paramount in the development and progress of our kind, and towards a sustainable future together. We have encompassed this Theory of Change as a guide to our vision and mission. It was developed by the combined effort of our Creative Director and Operations Manager, and their studies at the University of Tasmania in the Diploma of Sustainable Living, 2021.

Pangaea and The Pillars of Sustainability

Pillars of Sustainability

Pangaea’s ethos sits on the broad shoulders of the 3 pillars of sustainability; Social Equity, Environmental Protection and Economic viability. 

We are operating towards a sustainable festival model where the wicked problem of take/make/waste is no longer the norm in the festival scene and a circular approach of all 3 pillars of sustainability are addressed and acted upon.  

The Pillars of Sustainability are a guiding framework to map out how the festival is positively impacting on each of these equally important areas. 

Sustainable Development Goals

Pangaea Festival is getting onboard with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and this is how..

Good health and well-being

We promote and practise good health and wellbeing for all ages through the arts, sustainability and lifestyle workshops programme we offer, as well as entertainment and participatory celebrations. We carefully select food vendors who serve healthy nutritious meal options for our patrons in our marketplace, and provide a crew chef who takes care of the festival crew’s nutritional needs while they run the festival. We focus on local food security and closing food loops to support the health and wellbeing of our local communities and our environment.

Quality Education

Pangaea Festival is an educational experience across the social, ecological and economic arenas. It offers a vast program of observational and participatory experiences facilitated by experienced and credible personnel, across multiple industries, art genres, cultural practices and sustainability fundamentals.

Gender Equality

“Women and girls represent half of the world’s population and, therefore, also half of its potential” (United Nations). At Pangaea we operate a gender balanced festival across our staffing, volunteers, artists, and facilitators. We also employ women in leading and managerial festival roles.

Decent work and economic growth

At Pangaea Festival we create a fun, safe and inclusive workplace. 

We are a new festival, creating new economic growth and employment opportunities that are centred on sustainability led and focused outcomes for society - artists, arts workers, event industry workers, cultural and community workers, sustainability experts and enthusiasts, workshop facilitators and presenters, and other allied industries.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Pangaea provides a space for sharing knowledge while inspiring and fostering innovations towards resilient lifestyles and sustainable development. We are also implementing innovations and infrastructures that support circular economy systems in our festival operations - this includes composting toilets, scrape your plate initiative (all food waste is composted on site), and re-usable cups & crockery in the marketplace and bars.

Reduced inequalities

Pangaea's goal is to increase access to cultural experiences and activities, highlight national and local Indigenous cultures, create employment for First Nations peoples, and foster relationships that are underpinned by increasing equality, opportunities and inclusiveness for First Nations and culturally diverse people living in lutruwita/Tasmania and Australia. Pangaea Festival is accessible to all including people with disability and companion carers.

Sustainable cities and communites

Pangaea Festival aims to inspire and empower people with knowledge and skills that can be transferred to their hometown/city/community to help build inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable communities, towns and cities.

Respsonsible consumption and production

We will operate under a sustainability framework by implementing circular economy systems across all aspects of festival operations and work towards a carbon neutral event by 2024.

Climate action

We are working with the Tasmanian Land Conservancy to mitigate the festival carbon footprint, with car pass funds going towards the Prosser River Reserve regeneration project, and patron festival footprint contributions supporting Tasmanian Land Conservancy's network of reserves covering over 18,500ha. We use ethical products and processes wherever possible, offset artists' flights, are working on a system to measure our total carbon footprint, and working on many more projects that we don't have space to list here!

Life on land

By working with the Tasmanian Land Conservancy, Pangaea Festival is helping to increase diversity to protect, restore and promote threatened plant and animal species, threatened vegetation communities, old-growth vegetation communities and freshwater ecosystems.

Partnerships for the goals

Pangaea Festival is underpinned by the principles of sustainability, delivers sustainability practices and solutions for people to engage in, and is a festival initiative for change. It requires partnerships to deliver on its sustainability goals and community capacity through networking and collaborating to deliver the event.