Pangaea Taking Action

Pangaea Festival was developed to have purpose and determination in a fractured world that feels almost out of our human ability to shape and have positive impact on. 

We have spent years researching, learning, listening, healing and creating what we feel is real action that we are capable of in the face of our civilisations current crisis.

In a darkly deep moment, we confront ourselves with the projection of our grandchildren (or maybe even our children) asking us "what did you did about the climate crisis?", our answer "everything we could". And so here we are doing everything we can with the skills we have - culminating in Pangaea Festival.

Here are the extra actions we are taking - (behind and in the front scenes).

  • Responsible and Ethical Banking - We choose Bank Australia for our organisations banking. Bank Australia is a customer owned bank for people who believe in a fair and just society. They believe in using the business of banking to create a positive impact and have taken action to create a healthier planet through their operations. Like running on 100% renewable electricity, being certified carbon neutral, and by building a Conservation Reserve. And they're committed to advocating for a fair, inclusive and progressive society that values diversity, inclusion and accessibility for all Australians.
    Find out more here about Bank Australia.
    And read their latest impact report.
  • Ethical Ticketing - Humanitix is the humane choice for ticketing; with innovative event ticketing and booking fees used for good. Registered as a charity itself, Humanitix partners with high impact, and evidence backed charities to provide funds generated through booking fees that help the world's most disadvantaged children to close the global education gap. 
  • Dunny Rolls - supplied 100% by Who Gives a Crap. WGAC donates 50% of profits to ensure everyone has access to clean water and a toilet within their lifetime. To date they have donated over 10.8Million dollars to this cause globally. Read about their mission.
  • Merchandise
    Our hoodies -
    are provided by Salvage. Salvage garments are made from 100% recycled materials consisting of 60% recycled organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester. Organic cotton is salvaged from cuttings from organic textile production and fibres made from recycled plastic bottles are added to make the cotton / polyester blend. Check this out...

    Our T-shirts - are provided by Earth Positive. Garments are made from 100% organic cotton, are fair wear and carbon neutral accredited. Made from organic Indian Cotton, controlled and certified in accordance with the latest GOTS and described as the most progressive sustainable clothing on Earth. 

    Our Bread Bags are a great way to cut down on packaging when buying and storing fresh bread. The bags have been made locally, and do offer a progressive solution for storing a variety of breads.
  • Web Browser Ecosia - both directors (and their offspring) use Ecosia on all their computers and mobile phones, and encourage their staff (and you) to use the Ecosia search engine also. Ecosia uses profits made from internet searches to plant trees where they are needed most. It's free and transparent. Change your search engine now!!
  • We have partnered with Tasmanian Land Conservancy to help reduce our carbon footprint. The Tasmanian Land Conservancy cares for a nature reserve next to Pangaea Festival, Prosser River Reserve. Your car pass will support an important restoration of the critically endangered black gum (E. ovata) forest on that reserve. The black gum forest in ‘Back Valley’, either side of Stonehurst Road.  Whilst this forest is in relatively good condition, TLC needs to return the diversity of grasses, herbs and shrubs to the understory to enhance the woodland. This project will benefit a nationally critically endangered ecological community and enhance the habitat of native animals.

    In addition to this support, your donation towards mitigating your festival footprint will conserve many of the plants and animals that make Tasmania so special while also securing extensive carbon stores held in the diverse habitat and ecosystems. From remote mountains to pristine coasts, the Tasmanian Land Conservancy’s network of reserves, covering over 18,500ha, protect some of the most important natural areas in Tasmania. They conserve critical habitat for rare and threatened species and are safe havens for the future.
  • Composting Toilets - Pangaea will be using a proven composting toilet system, hired from Falls Festival. The toilet units are a portable, waterless, odor free composting toilet – specially designed to create a practical solution for human waste and turning it into a usable product.

    The system operates with interchangeable waste bins (specially adapted wheelie bins), which store the solid waste and drain the liquid waste. Liquid waste is either stored into ‘holding tanks’ underground or drained directly into underground soakage trenches/pits. When depositing patrons place a cup of sawdust in the toilet after their deposit – this aids the composting and neutralises the smell from the toilets. When waste bins become full, they are removed from underneath the cubicle and replaced with an empty bin.

    The system is designed to be easily and efficiently swapped over, without contact with any waste products. Once removed the lids are screwed closed and kept in storage. The waste bins stay closed after this process for 12 months, at which point the product inside the bin has broken down into a usable garden compost product.

    Pangaea plans to use the compost for workshops at the 2024 event, detailing the ‘humanure’ system to patrons. Additionally, when ready the compost will be used on site for site rehabilitation, wicking beds to facilitate potted colour and other aromatic plants and herbs to be used in future toilet systems. Urinals are also provided onsite, as per previous events these are constructed onsite with liquid wastes draining into underground soakage trenches.
  • Scrape Your Plate and Wash Up Initiatives - Two key initiatives at Pangaea will greatly assist with our zero-waste goals and the development of a circular economy marketplace. All food and drinks at the festival will be served in reusable cups or on reusable plates, with reusable cutlery. We will have an educational Scrape Your Plate point where you will be invited to scrape leftovers into our compost bin, guided by our staff, and stack your plates/cups/cutlery at designated collection points. Scraps will compost over the year with the resulting resource used on event site gardens in the future.

    We will have a Wash Up team washing all the reusable items utilising commercial dishwashing facilities, and then returning them to stall holders and bars for reuse. These initiatives are two-fold, they will reduce waste to landfill as well as provide an educational opportunity for you, and (hopefully) encourage you to implement environmentally friendly activities in your everyday life/workplace. Organic waste and non organic waste do not mix - together they create METHANE…worse than Carbon Dioxide - so get composting folks.
  • Resource Recovery and Management
    Our sustainable festival model tackles the problem of take/make/waste, striving to prove this no longer needs to be the norm in the festival scene. We prefer to think of ‘waste’ as a resource, which we can contribute to a circular economy, rather than simply using and disposing of. Because of this ethos, most things used at Pangaea will go on to have another life after the event.

    We are working towards a zero-waste event, meaning everything sold through stalls and bars will be either reusable, compostable or recyclable through the streams we endeavor to capture. Through careful and considerate procurement followed by concise communications to everyone involved in Pangaea, we hope to divert the majority of resources used at the festival from landfill.


We are continually developing sustainable ways and modes of operation. If you think we've missed something or you have a suggestion please get in touch with us.

We are totally open to suggestions, new and innovative ways of being and doing. Let's to this!