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​Pangaea is set to be a festive adventure over 3 nights and 2.5 days camping in lutruwita's (Tasmania's) South East, in the summer of 2023.
Pangaea is the ancient supercontinent comprised of all the present continents - a single, unified landmass surrounded by a single, unified sea.
Our vision is to unite people in celebration and knowledge sharing through music, arts and culture - towards a sustainable future for all.
At Pangaea you will discover a comprehensive programme of local and national musicians, performers, circus artists and creators. An inspiring programme of artistic, cultural and sustainable living workshops, activities and presentations for all ages. A local produce and artisans marketplace, activities playground for the young,  adventurous creative arts for all ages and camping in nature.
We will be operating under a sustainability framework by implementing circular economy systems and working towards a carbon neutral event by 2024. We understand the environmental, social and economic crisis our planet, people and communities are enduring, and that it is set to worsen as we breach planetary boundaries causing more heating of the earth's temperatures.
It is our mission to be a solutions focused and inclusive festival by encouraging participation, collaboration, celebration and learning whilst helping to mainstream sustainable living practices and inspire positive action.
Our singular origins have become our singular future, where the choices we make and the communities we create are increasingly bound together.
One land, one sea, one people. Pangaea.

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    Pangaea will operate under a sustainability framework by implementing a circular economy system where products and materials are used for as long as possible (reused-recycled-repaired), moving away from the linear system of take-make-waste. We aim to reach a zero carbon footprint by 2024, align with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a sustainable future for all, and be a leading sustainable festival model for Australia and Tasmania.